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Thanks for dropping by to see what's going on.  There's a bunch going on and more videos to come, click the YouTube scubscibe button above to be notified when new song videos are uploaded. 

Been doing a bunch of writting and I'm back in the studio to cut some basic demo's for each of the new songs so I can see if they grow on me and are worthy of a full production video like the ones above.   Hope you'll give me some feedback on my channel and let me know.  They're all "Ok" songs but I'm looking for the ones that get stuck in your head.  Those are the ones I want to make videos for . 

I make song videos of the new cuts with just video that I've captured from my life adventures such as playing gigs, riding my motorcycle and fishig.  Love to include my friends and family in those so there's some pretty funny and fun stuff in them.  You might even find yourself in the mix.  

James and I are schedule for the studio again next week so I'll be posting some new stuff shortly after that.  Click on Pics & Videos above to check out some of the latest songs I've uploaded.  Two songs were written by James Green and Brad Hargrove, the other written by Garth Brooks.  If you know Garth tell him to come check it out cause he's going to be like "How in the world did Wade Quinton get hold of that song?"  HAHAHA...story on that later.

I love you Garth!  Love you people!  Be blessed!

Presents - Wade Quinton 

Come back and check for updates!

See you soon...

Welcome  to Wade's world...2018

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