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It's amazing how fast things seem to move now days, next thing you know it's a brand new year.  2017 was full of adventures and good times to say the least, but I expect 2018 will be even better.  Hang On, Hang Loose or Buck Off!

I'm taking January off to do some self-reflection, growth, and planning for the future.  I've decided to somewhat "drop off the face of the earth" so I'm not distracted by the craziness of this world. 

Stepping back a bit to the past where one didn't look at their phone all the time because there was no such thing as cell phones, Facebook, or the like.  We barely had email and we had a land line.   Simple times, for simple minds...yes please.  

If by chance you have my phone number, if you've texted me you've already received my auto-reply stating that I'm not available.   You can always click the contact link above and send me an email.  I'll reply, it make take me a bit but I will, I've seen me do it.

I have added a link to subscribe to my YouTube channel and I hope you will as I will be posting some videos of all kinds of things if you would like to keep up with the happenings and adventures that still exist even when one has fallen off the face of the earth.  

I've been working with various writers and by myself on some new tunes and I will be releasing a few WadeMade videos on those songs in the month of January 2018.  

I hope this year finds you blessed and in the Lords grace, peace and mercy.  Seek the Truth, it's out there to be found. 

Know I love you...

Welcome  to Wade's world...2018

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